Download Tokyo Disney Resort App APK

Download Tokyo Disney Resort App APK

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App Information of Tokyo Disney Resort App

App NameTokyo Disney Resort App
CategoryApps, Travel & Local
Package Namejp.tokyodisneyresort.portalapp
Rating 3 ( 3086 )
Size86.2 MB
RequirementAndroid 5.0+

Description of Tokyo Disney Resort App


● フォト体験がアプリから楽しめる!-ディズニー・フォト
● 発券機に並ばずにファストパスをGET! -ファストパスの取得
● 現在位置や目的地がひと目でわかる! -デジタルガイドマップ
● マップ上で待ち時間などがすぐわかる! -待ち時間/施設情報のピン表示
● スマホでタッチしてそのまま入園できる! -モバイルeチケットの購入・管理
● いつでも予約・確認できる! -ホテルやレストランの予約・プラン表示
● グッズ情報を事前にチェック!入園当日にスマホで購入! -ショッピング
● ショー抽選もリニューアル! -抽選/当選結果の管理
● ホテルステイもアプリでスムーズに! -オンラインチェックイン*


●ショー抽選 *1
●ファストパスの取得 *1
●東京ディズニーリゾート ショッピング *2
●オンラインチェックイン *3

*1 パークにご来園いただいたゲストのみがご利用いただけます。
*2 入園したパークのグッズが購入でき、入園当日の23:30までに注文完了していただく必要がございます。なお、購入されたグッズはすべて配送となります。(税込10,000以上お買い上げの場合は送料無料)パークに入園していないゲストでも、グッズの閲覧・検索やお気に入り追加などの機能はご利用可能です。
-Official app of Tokyo Disney Resort-
Tokyo Disney Resort’s first comprehensive app that combines useful information for enjoying the park and access to various reservations and purchases.

● Enjoy the photo experience from the app! -Disney Photo
● Get a fast pass without lining up with ticketing machines! Get -fast pass
● You can see your current location and destination at a glance! -Digital guide map
● You can easily see the waiting time on the map! -Pin display of waiting time / facility information
● You can enter the park by touching it with your smartphone! -Mobile e-ticket purchase and management
● You can make reservations and check anytime! -Reservation and plan display of hotels and restaurants
● Check the goods information in advance! We purchase with smartphone on the day of admission! -Shopping
● The show lottery has also been renewed! -Lottery / winning result management
● Smooth hotel stay with the app! -Online check-in *
* Applies to Disney Ambassador Hotel, Tokyo Disneyland Hotel, Tokyo DisneySea Hotel MiraCosta.

-For comfortable use-
To use some of the functions of the app, you need to turn on the location information (GPS) of your device and register / log in your Disney account user.

【Functions list】
● Digital guide map
● Indication of waiting time of various facilities
● Park tickets and vacation packages
● Reservation and advance registration of Disney hotels and restaurants in parks
● Show lottery * 1
● Acquisition of fast pass * 1
● Tokyo Disney Resort Shopping * 2
● Disney Photo
● Display of various facility / entertainment program information
● Online check-in * 3

* 1 Available only to guests visiting the park.
* 2 Goods from the park can be purchased and it is necessary to complete the order by 23:30 on the day of entering the park. All purchased goods will be delivered. (Free shipping on purchases of 10,000 yen or more including tax) Even guests who have not entered the park can use functions such as browsing and searching for goods and adding favorites.
* 3Applies to Disney Ambassador Hotel, Tokyo Disneyland Hotel, and Tokyo DisneySea Hotel MiraCosta.
Available only when making a reservation at the Tokyo Disney Resort Online Reservation / Purchase website or Tokyo Disney Resort Reservation Center.