Brain Teasing Riddles Challenges APK

Brain Teasing Riddles Challenges APK

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App Information of Brain Teasing Riddles Challenges

App NameBrain Teasing Riddles Challenges
CategoryGames, Puzzle
Package Namecom.catalystgames.brainteasingriddleschallenges
Rating 5
Size11.0 MB
RequirementAndroid 4.1+

Description of Brain Teasing Riddles Challenges

Sometimes all you need is fun and some “me time” to reduce stress level. One of the best mental exercises to reduce levels of stress are brain teasers. Here we present, aseamless brain teaser for challenge lovers and puzzle enthusiasts. Using your jumbled pieces, hide the “extra” objects (habitants)on your screen. Only those habitants that are challenged to peek out should be visible on your screen; interesting, right?

Reinvent altogether a new environment of playing with nature with this most unique Habitat Hide n Seek brain teaser! Explore how wild and domestic chimps hide together in flora and fauna. Can you hide the habitants not displayed on your challenge and leave the others visible? Give it a try!

So who all are these habitants that will challenge you in your Habitat?
The five habitants that will roam around your habitat are:
• Bug
• Elephant
• Frog
• Parrot
• Watermelon

They all will be visible to you on brown coloured board box. At the bottom of the screen you will be provided with four different aqua blue coloured shapes with which you need to address the challenge. Not necessary that you need to use all four in a one single attempt. You might be able to successfully hide unwanted habitants with just one jumbled piece too. It all depends upon how they have been placed on board box.
How to enjoy the Habitat Hide n Seek game?

At the start of each challenge, you will get screen divided in four quadrants with random habitants placed randomly. With the help of four puzzle pieces, you need to hide the unwanted ones and leave the habitants that are there in the challenge. Logical reasoning and high level of visualisation skills will be developed at its best, with each increasing level of challenge.

This smart mind game features 48 challenges, where difficulty level increases with each challenge. The entire 48 challenges, starting from easiest till reaching the toughest level, will stimulate your logical thinking. Start now – challenge along with excitement guaranteed! Get ready to arrange 4 puzzle pieces in such a way that only the habitants that appear on the challenge card are visible on your screen, while all others get hide behind the card.

How to get supercharge to play further?
Well, Habitat is not all about killing time by arranging pieces and meeting challenges. There’s more in the store for you. Yes, you guessed it right. Games is no fun if no rewards are attached with them. Each of your assigned tasks aka challenges have some points and rewards attached. With crossing each level, you will be collecting points. And the surprising element that will keep your heartbeats in rhythm is timer!! You need to complete the challenge and timer will record the minutes taken for the same.

If at all, your struggle of meeting the challenge doesn’t end, we have a cheat sheet too wherein you can preview the finished puzzle to help yourself arrange the pieces and hide the unwanted habitants.
Exclusive features
– Cool colour combination that pleases your eye
– Look and feel that boosts your mood and releases your stress
– Great background music and sound effects to supercharge your mood

All for you!
We are launching a beta version of this app, rest assured it’s absolutely safe to download and play. Habitat is a FREE to play but players can use real money to make in-app purchases, they are voluntary! Get set on to discover your new addiction. This version of the game is impeccable for everyone that are young by heart and strong by mind, love challenges and want to have a lot of fun!
Еmail us at [email protected] for any issues, suggestions, questions or comments regarding our BRAIN TEASING RIDDLES CHALLENGES . We would love to hear from you…
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